Cotati Chickens

IMG_0016I like to walk. I tend to take the same route whenever I can. It’s kind of nice to get to know all the different sights around town (and probably become one of them myself). One of the things that I particularly enjoy seeing on my walk are the chickens that make their home by the local Walgreen’s drug store. There are usually about 8 – 12 at any particular time. I’m not sure if the reason the number stays relatively constant has to do with human intervention or otherwise. They are always a welcome sight on my walk, especially when they have young chicks.

The chickens actually predate the drug store. There used to be a house tucked into a lot behind where the store is now. The people their used to raise chicken and we would occasionally see a couple around near the main road. That property was sold (but is still empty) and the drug store was built but somehow the chickens remained. They are a welcome sight in our busy world. They always stop and watch them for a few minutes while I’m passing by. They bring a bit of small town feel to an ever-growing town and act as a reminder, to me at least, to slow down once in a while and enjoy the scenery.



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